Thursday, April 22, 2010

Prom Night at the Blood Bank

So, I'm guessing that many if not most of you got to go to Prom. I did not as Lily (aka my mother) was disgusted with the idea.

"Mom, I want to go to prom."

Lily - "What is that?"

"It's a dance and you go with a boy..."

Lily - "which boy? no boy. go with Meredith."

"Meredith is a girl. And, she has a date."

Lily - "You are not dating with anyone, okay?"

"It's 'dating' not 'dating with', Mom."

Lily - "No prom for you!"

Anyway, it's not like anyone was going to ask me. My friend, Becca, asked Brian Elliff if he'd go with me.

We're still waiting for him to get back to her.

Anyway, I felt I was going to the Prom today. Only it was at 8:30 a.m. and it was to the blood bank so I could donate my own blood for Monday's operation.

Same difference.

My Chinese driver, Andie (he's a male but that's how his name was spelled on his name tag), was dressed in a suit, opened the door and when I got in there was a mini bar, a champagne glass, confetti and balloons.

That's right - what was in your limo to Prom? Bet I gotcha beat.

At the blood bank, they took two units of blood and made me eat a two-day-old blueberry muffin. Then I had a shot of orange juice and got to leave...

...until I went down.

look at all the pretty stars and...why is someone waking me up?

Nurse Ling was slapping me awake yelling "hello"? "HELLO?"

I wonder if she had me confused for Bunky. I mean, I'm not in shackles...why are you slapping me? How about petting my head instead and bringing me a younger muffin?

So, I got up, they called Andie who helped me up the stairs and took 3 calls from Irma who was freaking out. Irma, you may recall, is my case worker at the National Marrow Donor Program and asked me if I could lie down at work.

Sure, Irma. I do my best work at work lying down. Everyone does.

Who are these people?

I guess I'll find out on Monday. Until then...


  1. Glad to hear you will be able to donate!

  2. Best wishes to you on Monday! Glad this is finally coming to fruition! Ummmm ... the fainting after donating blood ... well, that could happen to anyone ... I mean, it's never happened to me, but I'm SURE it could happen to anyone! Glad you're doig okay!

  3. Nostalgia...
    you for prom
    me for you passing out

  4. that is hilarious. i think i'll try that tomorrow. I'll lie down and have the patients brought to my room for their surgery. Afterwards, we'll give them a two day old muffin. Hang in there, your doing something truly meaningful. By the way, you do have my prom night beat---champaigne???---all we had was bud lite.

  5. I'm so confused. Who hired "the Chinese driver, Andie"? The bone marrow people? The hospital? Me?

  6. hahahaha...

    I've always wondered how often people faint after giving blood!!

    Oh Nayna =)

  7. Even donating blood is an exciting adventure for you! I'm glad you're okay though and it sounds like you'll be well enough for Monday (it seems strange to say that I'm glad you'll be well enough for surgery!) And how in the world did you end up with a driver and all that fun stuff to take you to donate blood? Oh, and by the way, I spent my prom in a hotel room - with Kim and Sarah at the beach.

  8. I hope you're feeling better, Nayna. I just have to clarify, though, that I never had a date for the prom;-)

  9. Prom sucks. You didn't miss anything.
    Hope you are feeling lots better. It is really great that you are doing this!

  10. Again - so much up for comment....

    1) Andie? Where is Arvin?

    2) WHY can you be booked a limo with full cocktail bar for the drive to the blood bank, but someone can't pick up FRESH MUFFINS???!!! Lesson: should you find yourself in a fully stocked limo, eat what you can, you never know what your next meal will be.

    3) Nurse Ling...sounds like she doesn't hesitate to use a hard slap across the face to solve any number of medical dilemma's.

    4) Gently stroke your hair until you wake up? This is the city blood bank, not a Danielle Steel novel....sensitivity is out the window with the 14 pages of questions you answer about your sex life.

    5) What you SHOULD have told Irma on the phone: IRMA - I'M PREGNANT!!!!! AY, DIOS MIO!!!

    Good luck tomorrow. Enjoy the morphine and the Holiday Inn. Sounds like a good vacation to me....

    You're incredible!!