Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pre-Op with Bunky

Today was my first day at the hospital - yep - it's official - I'm donating my marrow.

The tests took 7 hours. I got an EKG, an MRI, a chest X-ray, gave 10 vials of blood, a urine sample and a sticker saying "I'm a Princess - treat me like one."

I wasn't nervous at all but the hospital environment was grim. It smelled and the monitors were so morbid to look at. I got my period just before the urine sample so I now get to go back on MOnday and give a new sample. Good times.

I spent most of the day in a room with an a criminal who was dressed in orange and had shackles (is that the right word?) and was handcuffed. He was there to receive marrow. An officer with two guns (one as tall as I) was with us at all times.

The prisoner introduced himself to me.

"Hi, I'm Bunky"



"You're hungry?"

Cop says "No. His name is Bunky"


Me - "Okay"

So, Bunky, the cop and I hung out for 7 hours on and off. i've never seen neon orange and I went to UVA where orange is one of our colors. It was like Day Glo Orange.

I"m off to eat something now - and to not think about mortality (hard not to do after spending a day in the hospital in all sorts of testing sites).



  1. that's really funny! i can see it all.
    seems this will be a good chance to write some more webisodes...

  2. ah i love how you can take a funny perspective in any given situation! Since the 80's seems to be back in style you'd be surprise to know how much dayglo orange i see walking around market street.

  3. You and Bunky should be friends forever.

  4. Somewhere in there is a scene for my next screenplay. Don't worry, I'll make sure you get appropriate credit ;)

  5. First of all, you're too funny. And secondly, didn't you know that orange is the new black? :)

  6. I think the best part of the story is that you got your period right before you went. Did you request that sticker, or did they just know when they saw you that you are indeed a princess?

  7. Since when do you love quiet children? You call them "Trolls."

  8. So for some reason I imagine Bunky missing some teeth. Or maybe Bunky = redneck to me, no?

    Oh Nayna what more will you encounter on your road to helping a lil "troll"!

    Maybe I'm heartless (or just pissed about the bills I'm paying for this damn wrist), but I think it's ridiculous inmates get better health care then some of us. Seriously he's doing time, and we are paying for him to get a marrow transplantation? I hope his crime was minor...

    Amberlyn =)